Quader rather concerned over drugs

Road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader has said that the government is concerned about the stream of Rohingyas entering Bangladesh, fleeing from oppression in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

Ruling Bangladesh Awami League general secretary Quader was, however, even more concerned whether drugs and arms were entering the country along with the stream of Rohingyas.

Obaidul Quader was addressing a press conference at the secretariat today, Thursday, arranged to disseminate information on travel over the Eid holidays.

The minister said, the government has protested against Myanmar’s push-in policy. However, the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, has issued directives to ensure humanitarian treatment of the refugees.

He said, so far 150 thousand Rohingyas have entered Bangladesh and the situation is being handled with utmost caution. The Bangladesh government has conveyed its concern to the United Nations, stating that arrangements should be made to send those who have entered Bangladesh, back to Myanmar.

Obaidul Quader said the government does not have the capacity to bear the burden of this huge number of Rohingyas. He termed this stream of persecuted Rohingyas as a stream of blood. He said the foreign ministry summoned the Myanmar representative in Bangladesh and strongly called for a halt to the oppression.

Concerning BNP’s programme on the Rohingya issue, Quader said Awami League is more concerned that BNP will get embroiled in conflict among themselves.

Replying to a question about the next election, the minister said that BNP is in a fix. If it goes to the election, it fears defeat. On the other hand, the people will not accept violence like BNP unleashed over the 5 January election. He also said there was no need to discuss any election-time government with BNP as the constitution was clear on the issue.

The minister said despite the apprehensions and alarms over travel this Eid, it all ended well.

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